Loacker is not just a brand: it’s the story of a family! Good things enchant us, good things inspire us, good things unite us... Loacker is No. 1 brand of wafers in the world. Loacker has unique DNA of quality, taste and sustainability. We look for the best ingredients, we create the best recipes, and we craft the best products we can – as we would for our friends” All Loacker products are homemade. They are all produced in our production facilities in Auna di Sotto/Unterinn and Heinfels. Both of them are nestled in the heart of the Alps in the midst of pristine nature . Loacker use 100% Italian hazelnuts, which partially grow in our own orchards. Loacker milk is 100% from small mountain farms in the Alps and is NON GMO. Our Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar working with local small farmers makes our vanilla sustainable, transparent and fair. Our Cocoa Farming Program provides us with cocoa beans from Côte d’Ivoire and Ecuador, which come together to create the inimitable subtleties of our chocolate.


Haribo is among the top 10 players of entire confectionary brands of the world. Haribo brand is unique just like the history of our successful family business, which began at a courtyard laundry 100 years ago. Haribo live quality standard on every level. Making sure our customers always enjoy an immaculate product, for each new recipe, haribo carefully check the quality of the individual ingredients and thoroughly test the flavour, scent and consistency of the finished new creation – until the recipe is perfect. Haribo is a global market leader in fruit gummies and liquorice, HARIBO is now available in more than 100 countries around the world. HARIBO produces its treats at 16 locations worldwide and employs more than 7,000 people. Together, the team ensure that customers can continue to enjoy their favourite products – in the same exceptional quality that they have come to know and expect from their favourite sweet brand


BISCOFF CONQUERS THE WORLD Lotus Biscoff is world’s most favorite and trending biscuit cookie Over the years, Lotus Biscoff’s popularity rises far beyond the Belgian border. Coffee lovers all over the world ask for a Lotus Biscoff with their latte or espresso. Lotus soon finds more ways to enjoy the unique taste of these cookies by creating a cookie butter and a delicious ice cream. Lotus Biscoff has become much more than coffee's favorite companion. Chefs all over the world use the Lotus Biscoff cookie as an ingredient for delicious desserts, like tiramisu or Lotus Biscoff mousse